Hey! Why another Travel Blog?

First.. The all important origin story


Have you ever just felt deep down that you needed change, a radical shake up of life? Maybe it wasn’t that clear at first. Manifesting as an unusual unsettled feeling, a boredom in your 9-5 or a foggy, clouded mind?

Well that was us a few months ago. After some deep self exploration during some tough times, we decided to commit to a plan to take 6 months off life – aka a big ass holiday. We didn’t know when or where and we didn’t particularly care. It felt right saying it out loud, all we knew was we had to make it happen.

Now before you say “Pfft I can’t do that, insert excuse here”, I get it, I really do, wholeheartedly. I was there with you, not that long ago, I had all the excuses under the sun ready to fire off.

Understanding that a lot of pieces must fall the right way up to entertain an idea such as this, but with support from my wife and a new found spiritual belief that we each hold the ability to create and manifest what comes into our life, we put plans in place to make it happen.

I don’t like to put labels on what’s normal or not, but putting it into perspective, on paper we would be seen as an average healthy family of 4, with 2 energy laden young girls 5 & 3, a dog and cat. Our world in a nutshell was: myself Retail Store Manager, my wife was in finance part time and the kiddies were in daycare 3 days a week, paying off a 3 bedroom townhouse on the Gold Coast in Queensland, with 2 cars.


Where to now?

Understanding that some bold decisions would be required, fast forwarding 4 months later, I’m still working for the same company, however, our house is on the market, we’re currently in a 6 month rental house 4 hours south near Coffs Harbour in NSW. Most of our furniture is in a storage shed while currently living a minimalist lifestyle. We have decided to homeschool our kids so starting/leaving school was not a problem. Taking opportunities and making the hard decisions as they presented themselves has given us the opportunity to take leave and start our adventures mid Feb 2018.

My wife and I have dubbed ourselves as curious explorers and harking back to previous adventures, didn’t want this to be a cookie cutter holiday. We wanted something life changing and memorable. We wanted it to be an avenue to get out of our routines and comfort zones, try and experience newness and all the while understanding we would be traveling with our little ones so figuring out what that would look like.


Destination Unknown

From a camping holiday, to lapping Australia with a camper trailer (something we will one day do….) we tossed around a few ideas before finally settling on where we were going. After being pretty set on buying a camper trailer the thinking quickly turned to what has now become our destination –

The USA, in the form of one mighty road trip.
Our goal – LA to LA anticlockwise in 3 months.

Last year, I was lucky enough to get a small taste of a just how amazing a great American road trip can be post a work conference with some mates. It was freakin amazing! So using that knowledge I am super stoked to be able to share and build on those experiences with the wife and kids.

The remaining 3 months – totally unplanned and that’s the way we love it…


So why the Blog? #imnowablogger

Excited one day while chatting in the car, we envisioned this idea of us kicking back, unwinding in a room, blogging every night or so during our trip. Merely, as a cool simple way of documenting our travels, capturing our memories and sharing with friends and family. Whatever is below a newbie in the world of blogging is my current level of experience, but it felt right and fit in beautifully well with our goals to grow and develop as people.

While this great concept of an unplanned trip was so appealing, reality kicked in for me and BAM! For you who don’t know me, my over thinking highly analytical and super excitable brain kicked in. I found myself absorbing copious amounts of content, spending long hours at night, falling down many rabbit holes in regards to some of the logistics of such a trip. Using my research (or as my wife says “neuroticism” think hotelscombined advert from a year or so ago) I’m also hoping I can expand this blog to include and share some helpful and insightful advice leading up to and during the trip as they come about, from the perspective of a not overly seasoned Casual Adventurer, incase you too one day find yourself with a deep burning desire for radical change.

Till next time

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