It’s a Party in the USA

With the Miley Cyrus song stuck in head, “we hopped off the plane at LAX” sometime around 6:30am local time. This was indeed a big jolt to the system with not much more that 3 hours sleep between all 4 of us and realising the potential of needing to function to experience groundhog day (Feb 22 for us) all over again.

Thankfully border protection must have seen it all before, scooting us through at record speed so we weren’t required to line up the 2+ hour wait we saw formed. For as many downsides you can think of regarding traveling with kids, between Sydney and LA airports the kiddies have more than written off all their travelling debt in our eyes 😉

Day Zero was always going to be a tough one, dealing with sleep deprivation, mixed in with a change of season and a dose of jet lag. It didn’t disappoint. We managed to have a pretty good day all things considered. We had “lunch” then tried to get in a bit of shut eye as the kidlets morphed into an overtired “lets play with everything” mode – ehh the hour or so sleep was worth the mess.

The Road Trip Begins

Deciding to blow out the cobwebs on my international driving skills, we ventured out late afternoon in our Lost Camper named James a converted Dodge Grand Caravan and took on LA. If your ever looking to Road trip USA in any way shape or form – check them out! Fantastic service from booking to driving away, with follow up emails to make sure everything is going smoothly.











We decided to go on the hunt for a substantial healthy meal. Wow did we find it. Whole Foods Market – A health food grocery store on every performance enhancing drug you could imagine! It was huge! We perused the aisles and soaked up a bit of time exploring, eventually settling on a few choice snacks for dinner. We only lost one soldier in the expedition, so good going I say. Once we got home, quick bite and sneaky beer, it was time to say goodnight Feb 22 for the 2nd time this week



Staggered wake times opened Day 1. This was our day of the unknown. How would we feel? Is Jet Lag a factor? Time would tell. What we were told was that every single one of us had a headache, blocked nose and sore throat. Being run down tired, rapid temperature change and the lady behind us on the plane who coughed for 90% of the journey probably had something to do with it. Today was going to be interesting, that’s for sure.

We pulled ourselves together and managed to leave the hotel to do a bit of a sightseeing drive tour. This was quite manageable and having our minds occupied actually made us feel a little better, at least bearable. This was pretty good option for us, it gave us a chance to get a preview of things we may want to look at in more depth in 3 months time.

As we hit the highway and the traffic, we caught a glimpse of the Hollywood sign off in the distance. Have to admit even after all the times we’ve seen in movies, it really did a great job of making all this seem real. Such a simple but exciting moment.

City of Angels

Hollywood, through the glitz and not so glitz and glamour of the walk of shame sorry fame, up through Beverly Hills to see some rather large housing before stumbling (as we always seem to do) on a nature walk and lookout on Mulholland Drive. Some amazing views and nice little stretch of our legs.

We could live beside the Ocean

Next we negotiated our way through to do a drive by of Santa Monica pier and Venice Beach before deciding to just push on to our hotel in Anaheim, as time was slipping away from us. Traffic in LA hmmm quite a bit more than Hogbin (Coffs Locals will get it). I have never seen anything like it, no matter what time of day or where you were headed it was barely moving. What it did do however was give me a chance to get in some fantastic driving practice in all sorts of situations. As they say if you can make it here you can make it anywhere (or is that New York?)

As we crash for the night at least we have a cruisy day tomorrow. Disneyland, I’ve heard its quite the relaxing place, lets hope my trusted source, a Hollywood bookmaker was correct.

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