The Happiest Place on Earth

Disneyland is often referred to as a magical place. After my recent visit I literally shed a tear as I witnessed “the magic” first hand.

I’ve got something in my eye

This moment was not caused by a ride nor show. It was simply seeing our 3 year old daughter having the chance to meet her hero, Queen Elsa from Frozen. In that moment I realised that it didn’t matter how big the theme park was nor how fast and wild the rides were. It was the way Disney was able to expertly bring a child’s fantasy and imagination to life. Gently using the child’s beautiful innocence and pure belief that these characters they know and love are real, making them leap out of the screens and into their arms with the most gorgeous extended hug you’ll ever see, which melted hearts of whoever witnessed.

I’m a kid again!

The 2 days in Disney over all were incredible, watching kids and adults alike play in a world where it’s safe to be yourself and have fun. Seeing the kids faces and hearing their excited little voices takes you back to your younger self and hits you with a dose of nostalgia. Before you know it you’re laughing uncontrollably being flung around on a ride, letting Disney dazzle and work their magic on you too. This reigned true for me as my 2 sisters, niece and 2 nephews joined us at Disney. I went back to a time when Aladdin, Lion King and Toy Story VHS were being worn out and belting out hakuna matata in car kareoke. Disney’s magic at work again.

Does this mean I’m now a King?

We surprised our girls with a Princess makeover from the Bibbety Bobbity Boutique. They had their chance to be a real life Disney princess for a day, from top to toe however they chose. They were transformed with the help of a fairy god mother inside the iconic castle in the heart of Disneyland. The experience was made even more wonderful as they got to share it with their cousin as well, letting loose 3 newly tiara’d Princesses on the park creating many traffic jams as passers by had to stop to admire their cuteness.

Personally I love rides, and while I wouldn’t say the rides themselves were the best I’ve ever been on, they definitely delivered the best ride experiences I’ve ever been on. I have a new appreciation of the attention to detail that goes into the architecture of each ride, from Indiana Jones to Guardians of the Galaxy your senses were on overload before even stepping onto the ride. 

How busy is it!

The park itself is a magnificent. Even if you have never been, I’m sure you can imagine the volumes of people pushed through the front gates everyday. It’s only a matter of minutes after opening that the most popular rides have wait times longer than an hour.

Somehow though through clever design and on the ball “cast members” the park never felt it was over busy. For instance whenever we wanted to eat, a table was available without searching too long. Toilet queues were never absurd and ride lines on the whole weren’t too bad.

There must be a faster way!

The Disney fastpass system is well done, allowing you to skip queues in a fair way by booking times on rides that are known for long lines. It takes a while to get used to, but once you understand it, it’s a piece of gold. Making you feel like a VIP as you skip past an hours + worth of line. All these little things add up to create an outstanding in park experience, it’s like magic.

We thoroughly enjoyed our first Disney experience and am so glad we were able to have this opportunity now, while the kids are still bright eyed and can share the laughs and magic together, our little family of adventurers.




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