Road Trip – Part 2

New Mexico to Texas

A light drizzle, fire down to its last log struggling to stay a light, everyone else in bed asleep… total peace and serenity, apart from a few playful squirrels – love camping – loving Texas. What better time to update the blog.

Where to Next?

We left Albuquerque and headed south, 100% the only reason being a small town named Truth or Consequences, 5 minutes away from a town called Elephant Butte. The names were too funny not to visit right?

They were definitely worth the trip, Elephant Butte’s gorgeous water views and T&C (as the locals call it) was a great place to stop for lunch. T&C was once known as Hot Springs, but was changed due to a local radio competition. It’s original name based on the fact that it’s home to some of the best hot springs that the US has to offer. Unfortunately we were unable to find a room that allowed kids, so we continued on to Alamogordo to spend the night.

Surfing, New Mexico style

Alamogordo was a big town little town, just near White Sands in New Mexico. We read about White Sands National Monument in a flyer in Albuquerque, it sounded bizarre enough to be a must see. It did not disappoint. Dunes upon dunes of clean clear white sand. Replicating the look and feel of snow in the middle of a mostly baron and red rock vegetation. We were able to buy a snow disk, wax it up and have a blast sliding down the dunes for the best part of the morning. It truly was an amazing place. As an Aussie, we see our fair share of sand, but without any water nearby, it really was mind blowing. We sold back our disk to the gift shop and jumped back in the car, on the hunt for little green men in a small town you may of heard of, Roswell.

Billy The Kid

We went the long route to Roswell as it went through the town of Lincoln, a town with deep history in American culture involving the likes of Billy the Kid. The town is amazingly preserved, it felt like I had jumped in a Delorean and reached 88mph. (Back to the future reference) it was well worth the detour, learning more about the rich American history.

The Truth is Out There

Roswell, was not what I had envisioned. Having absorbed many references in pop culture over the years, I had created an idea of what we were going to witness. While there was a splashing of Alien art around the town, it was a lot less than I would have imagined. Adding to the disappointment, we weren’t able to visit the alleged crash site without a pre arranged tour and even the sign apparently had been removed, so there wasn’t even a photo opportunity.

The Maccas was shaped like a space ship though, have to admit that was pretty cool, so we let the kids loose on possibly the best McDonald’s playground I had ever seen. We had originally planned to spend the night here but to be honest, it just didn’t have a great feel to it. In true fast and loose planning style, we decided to put the kids to bed in the car, and punch on to Texas, with the benefit of shortening our drive the following day.

Hello Texas

We arrived after mignight local time (our 3rd Timezone change already) and checked in to a lovely hotel in San Angelo. After a little sleep in, we went for breakfast in a true American style diner. It was a great intro to the state of Texas, great food and hospitlaity. We spent the rest of the morning doing a little restocking of supplies and chatting to a few locals. We filled up our van with the cheapest fuel yet at $1.98 per gallon, and began our journey into San Antonio. Already we had the feeling that we were in love with Texas.

We had done a heap of miles in the previous few days, so decided to kick back and relax in San Antonio for 3 days. We booked in to a KOA (Kamp of America) a chain of family friendly campgrounds all around the USA. They are very reasonably priced with amenities and activities to entertain the kids an added bonus. We will definitely be staying in a few more during our trip as a change up between true camping and hotel stays.

Spurs Country

San Antonio is an amazing place, it has a bit of everything. The most friendliest, kindest people, beautiful trails to run and bike, deep rich history such as the Alamo, site of the Battle of the Alamo and the River Walk. A pretty unique river running though heart of the city, surrounded by restaurants and bars. We took a gondola ride while learning a bit about the city from our Captain.

For NBA fans it’s also home to one of the greatest sporting franchises in modern times, the San Antonio Spurs.

We did have a funny quirky experience today, where our day took a random turn. I think it deserves its own little post though. Stay tuned..

So here we are, sky has now cleared on our last night in San Antonio, the fire, now only embers.

In true Casual Adventurer style, we actually don’t know where we are headed tomorrow. Maybe Houston? Austin? We’ll see what the morning brings. There really is a beautiful sense of freedom that comes with a unplanned adventure. We will be sure to update our Facebook site with where we end up.

Goodnight y’all from Texas

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